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Quite popular in Korea! 23.65 beach Tabi sandals.

 Quite popular in Korea! 23.65 beach Tabi sandals.

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TrendyJapan Amazon Affiliate

TrendyJapan Amazon Affiliate

It is reported that Japanese people are lined up all night in a long line in front of the Korean embassy in Tokyo, saying "I really want to go to Korea!" With the issuance of tourist visas to South Korea every day. Korea is booming in Japan now, and among them, Korean fashion is extremely popular.

This time, we feature tabi sandals from 23.65, a sneaker brand that was born in Korea and has been a leader in Korean street fashion. Currently, sandals designed by 23.65 have become a hot topic in Korea for the summer, and there is no doubt that they will be talked about in Japan in the future.

First of all, I will explain about 23.65!

About 23.65 (Esip Sam Chung Yukuo): 23.65 (Esip Samcheon Yukuo) is a Korean street fashion brand founded by a young founder in his twenties with the concept of "I want everyone to enjoy it regardless of gender!" One of the brands that made "Dad Sneakers", which became synonymous with Korean sneakers, famous at the world level. Currently, it is attracting worldwide attention because it is used by Korean idols.

Let's take a look at this special product!

Esip Sam Chung Yukuo Flip Flops, Tabi Thong Sandals Melon

This time, we will introduce a slightly different melon color even in tabi style flip-flops! Have you ever heard of the color name "melon"? A stylish pair of shoes with a calm color that is actually pop, and the word "melon" is reminiscent of "summer" in East Asia. Sole Material: Rubber. The sole is formulated with anti-slip ingredients, so it is also recommended for rainy days. Also, the design is in the "tabi" style, which is one of the traditional Japanese crafts, so you can enjoy the feeling of a Japanese summer festival while giving a little sense of mode. If you would like to know more product details, please click the link above.

Also, if you want to check the availability of overseas shipping and shipping fee, please click below.

How was it? This time, we introduced Tabi flip-flops from 23.65 products that are very popular in Japan. We have introduced a unique pair this time as well. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a slightly different coordination. Also, it's fun to coordinate with a couple because you can enjoy it regardless of gender.

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