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Korean Rash Guard brand STL! For a strong ally this summer!

 Korean Rash Guard brand STL! For a strong ally this summer!

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This year's Japan, especially the Kanto region, is predicted to have more intense heat than usual as weather information for this summer. The Kanto area has already been in the summer for several days, and many people should be trying to live a comfortable life while devising various things.

This time, we would like to introduce the Korean Rash Guard brand STL, which is lightweight and absorbs sweat quickly and dries quickly in order to survive the intense heat of this summer. First of all, what is a rash guard? I think there are many people who think that, so I will give a brief explanation.

About Rash Guard: Fitness wear made from polyester, polyurethane, and nylon materials with a focus on texture and quick-drying. Initially made to prevent sunburn and rashes such as surfing, it was gradually developed as another fitness apparel product, and now it has a high body shape correction power of rash guard products among women who are concerned about the system. These are paying attention to and have gained widespread support.

The Korean rash guard brand STL has become quite popular in Korea, and is one of the reasons for maintaining that beautiful figure? It is said that.

This time, is selling STL at the Qoo10 store. Here I will briefly introduce the charm of STL.

1. STL Essence Quick Dry Small Fine Underwear Parallel Imports

This product is not only equipped with STL's synonymous "lightweight and quick-drying", but also shows the durability, elasticity, and texture of the fabric. Moreover, even in a room where you are worried about dryness, the fabric has moisturizing power and temperature control, so you can spend it comfortably. Not only for the fitness scene, but also for comfortable everyday wear as indoor wear on hot days.

2. STL Plain Stretch Basic Short Sleeve Parallel Imports

A short length fitness T-shirt made of 95% polyester and 5% polyethylene. In addition to STL's synonymous "quick-drying and lightweight", this is a piece that is particular about elasticity, sweat absorption rate, and texture. Especially, the refreshing and cold touch that makes you happy in the hot summer is recommended for the summer nights when it is hard to sleep.

This time, we have introduced some STL products from the Qoo10 store. The Qoo10 store is sold only in Japan, but if you are an overseas resident and are interested, please feel free to contact us .

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