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Monthly Fun Box Target Product Introduction | Online Clothing

 Monthly Fun Box Target Product Introduction | Online Clothing

Monthly Fun Box Target Product Introduction | Online Clothing

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From 2:00 pm Japan time on July 17, we will renew the monthly subscriptions other than those limited to East Asia and start selling the "Monthly Fun Box".

This time, we will introduce the target products in advance! Let's see it now!

1. S/S Unisex H/W T Tokyo Dragon | Online Clothing in Japan TRENDYJAPAN

This T-shirt is made of high quality heavy weight Gildan and has become a hot topic in the SNS official account of The design concept is boldly printed on the back with a design created with the image of "Japanese Sukajan (souvenir jacket)". For the logo on the left chest, we created and printed a unique logo that combines the "family crest", which is a symbol of Japanese family roots, with the Japanese Katakana design "trendy Japan" logo.

The god "Dragon" of "Promotion", "Kanai Anzen" and "Fortune up", which has been handed down in Japan for many years, is printed with unique Japanese Chinese characters and katakana design. The design of "dragon" which can be said to be one of the synonyms of Japanese Sukajan. Why don't you spend the summer of 2022 with a T-shirt full of Japanese charm?

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2. Unisex Bag Traditional Pattern 1 | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

This is the most talked about product on the EC site. The waist / shoulder pouch of this "Traditional" series is a work created with graphic software by adjusting the color to the image of the good old Japanese beauty culture "Kimono pattern". We hope that you will enjoy the "beauty of Japan" that will satisfy all people.

This product is "waterproof", which is resistant to water, and can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. Although the size is good, the storage capacity is also important. It has an inside pocket firmly. Japanese "Sakura" and "Mt. Fuji" are specially processed with graphic software in the pocket, and the trendy Japan dot net logo is printed together with the Japanese Katakana letter. All product sizes are available in two sizes, S / M and M / L.

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3. Unisex Flip-Flops Trendy B | Online Clothing in Japan TRENDYJAPAN

This flip-flop is genderless and has a design that is popular with people who like Japanese culture. The black letters are decorated with a lettering logo that makes the image of "Showa" unbearable for Japanese retro lovers, and a logo that combines the Japanese culture "Torii" on the heel with our company name in katakana is printed. It is also popular with Japanese people who like "summer festivals".

Actually, this flip-flop is covered with an insole to improve the comfort and feel. With this insole-lined flip-flop, your feet will not get tired easily, and you can minimize the dirt on the soles caused by the friction of the rubber. Also, even if the insole gets wet, it will dry immediately after a while. Banner

Monthly Fun Box Target Product Introduction | Online Clothing

The contents and price of this monthly fun box will be changed on the 17th of every month. In addition, there is no automatic charge for one-time purchases, so you do not have to purchase regularly every month.

In the future, we will continue to process and sell all kinds of materials such as photographs, pictures drawn, and lettering created on with graphic software. Also, the concept will be promoted in "Japan", so we look forward to your continued support.

Finally, if you have any questions, please send a message from the inquiry on this site. We will reply to you during office hours.

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